Connie's Path

About the Book

The story is about Connie and how from being a victim and at the mercy of others she becomes the person who she really wants to be.  This transition is aided by her old school friend, Joy, her mother Patience and Lance.

Connie learns how to take back control of her life and to look at what she really wants.  She challenges old beliefs and conditioning and breaks free from these constraints to become the lead player in her own life and not a walk on part in other people’s dramas.

Connie had been a victim and survivor but her life choices and attitude were still being controlled through the lens of her past.  The abusers were still influencing her present.  Connie’s lessons are real and can be implemented into your own life.  Connie cut the reigns of control from others, picked up her pen and wrote her own life script, starring Connie as the heroine.

This story can have a meaningful impact on your life.  Challenge how you think, what you say to yourself, your behaviours and beliefs and allow you to move out of darkness into light.  Move from being victim, survivor to thriver.  Set you free and help you to become your true, authentic self, living the life of your choice and your dreams.

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"Connie's Path takes you on an adventure of self-improvement, but without the boring textbook style lecturing that other self-help books have. The book will show you techniques & tips on how to change your life while taking you through a thoroughly engaging story with fleshed out and endearing characters" - Stephen R

 "I absolutely loved this book !! The way that the author draws you into the lives of the characters, while teaching you about simple and complex metaphysical concepts is ingenious. I'll be reading it again to underline the wonderful lessons and helpful conversations throughout the book. I love the style that the author has gone for. Learning through connection to other people's experiences. Just perfect. Highly recommend !!" - Nici

A Reading by the Author.

Please enjoy this complementary extranct of Connie's Path read to you by the Author Linda McKenzie.